Future Proof Farming

IMPI is a digital structure for combining boots-on-the-ground monitoring, remote sensing, soil maps and expert inputs for precise farming.

The Future proof farm Has

A farmer who spends more time in the field

A rapid system for converting data to action

A technical team working on a shared gameplan

Farmers need daily oversight of their farms.

Oversight requires time and focus. We know these are two luxuries in the peak of a fruit season.
Managing trees, soil, water, and people feels like the goal posts are constantly moving. We get this.

IMPI is a digital structure for combining boots-on-the-ground monitoring, remote sensing, soil maps and expert inputs for precise farming. IMPI scaffolds familiar monitoring methods and does not require adding or replacing infrastructure or people.

The farmer gets more TIME as IMPI allows for accountable delegation of tasks and speeds up the flow of information. The farmer gets more INSIGHT as IMPI illustrates data in an simple and practical way.

A farmer with more...

This farmer has a future proof farm

Impi drives future proof farming

IMPI's Services


Using a map to illustrate observations and features is more practical and insightful than existing clipboard and spreadsheet systems. The location and timestamp of a datapoint can be considered along with the data to make more insightful conclusions in less time.

  • Farm Layout
  • Satellite NDVI
  • Soil Chemical Map
  • Soil Physical Map
  • Drainage Layout
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Monitor Locations (as per monitoring below)


Confidently delegate boots-on-the-ground monitoring using the IMPI Field App. Observations are streamlined to the IMPI Web App as tables, maps, and infographics. Tools are currently available for water-, yield-, pest trap-, and general infield monitoring. These are the low hanging fruit for improved production from day one of implementation.

  • Lab Analysis location and data (Soil, Leaf, Fruit, Nematode, Water and Disease Analysis)
  • Flow Meter Monitor
  • Soil Moisture Monitor
  • Yield Monitor
  • Field Notes
  • Rain Monitor


Document and spreadsheet deliverables are accessible on a cloud-based SharePoint. Service providers supply plans in various formats for pruning, nutrition, irrigation, and pest management early in the season. It is key for these plans to be in sync with the gameplan for each orchard.
Monitoring ensures that any deviation from the plan is identified and addressed as soon as possible so plans can stay up to date.

  • Cloud access to production programs
  • Additional modules in development


IMPI differentiates through willingness to work together. Integrations aim to centralize workflows between service providers and farms and so speeds up data-to-action conversion of precise farming.

  • Multiple integrations in development with farms, fruit marketers and service providers. Working to get the data available for a centralized workflow.
  • Data must lead to action

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